If you would like to donate to the operations of HopeMob, please email our CEO, Shaun King, directly @shaun@hopemob.org or call/text him directly @ 678.641.5016.
A Simple Promise
People simply want to know that their donations of time, resources, and influence are actually helping real people with real needs. Because we launched HopeMob with this in mind, 100% of donations given online go to the story that we feature and that story alone. If a donor gives $10 to support moms in Kenya, all $10 goes to that cause. If a donor gives $500 to support a child fighting cancer, all $500 will go to that child. We even cover processing fees and donations to fund our operations are always optional.
If a donor gives $10 towards moms in Kenya, all $10 of that donation goes to the cause.
Operation Hope
Since we give donors the rare charitable opportunity to completely target what their donation does, we have two primary ways that we fund the operational costs of HopeMob:
Private Donors & Foundations
The generous support of private donors and foundations that view supporting our operations as a smart way to leverage their charitable dollars.
Optional Donation @ Checkout
We offer an optional donation for our operations during the checkout process when donors decide to help fund a story we're featuring.
"We give donors the rare charitable opportunity to completely target what their donation does."
Our First Supporters
In October of 2011, Xealots, a creative leadership incubator in Southern California, provided our founder, Shaun King, with the opportunity to spend three months developing the idea for HopeMob alongside a team of experienced mentors.
In February of 2012, nearly 1,000 amazing donors from all over the world pledged over $125,000 to help build the HopeMob platform from the ground up - one of the largest non profit KickStarter campaigns ever.
The Forward Foundation
HopeMob received a generous $300,000 donation to cover our operational expenses for one year from the Forward Foundation in the United Kingdom.
The Source of Hope
To do what we do, we are forming a dedicated team of business people, entrepreneurs, and high capacity donors that are committed to under-writing the operational costs of HopeMob. Each donor is a part of our private membership team, The Source of Hope, and makes an annual financial contribution to ensure that our budget is fully funded and that we are able to grow HopeMob to become the largest community of generosity in the world.
Our private investment team is the primary source of operational funding for HopeMob. They make HopeMob work.