Let's Give Clean Water to Puenta Estrella
Let's Give Clean Water to Puenta Estrella

Raising Hope: Water for Panama is a non-profit organization funding clean water projects in the Indian villages of Panama. Here, communities are so isolated they won't recieve help from most organizations or the government, but we can do something.

Around the world, 1 in 8 people lack access to clean water. This affects nearly every aspect of life for those who lack it. In indigenous areas of panama, access to clean water is a mere 46%.

Almost half the population doesn't drink clean, safe water.

We're fundraising to build a windmill aqueduct in a village called Puenta Estrella, a community that doesn't have a school, clinic, proper homes, let alone clean water or adequate sanitation. 

By bringing clean water to this village we are going to raise hope. We see our work as an expression of the love of our Savior. Clean water is the foundation, and this is just the beginning.

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