Let's Give Children with Life-Threatening Illnesses Hope
Let's Give Children with Life-Threatening Illnesses Hope

     Every year my high school starts a fundraiser in the month of December known as Hearts of Gold and every year, we choose a different organization to donate all of the money to. For this year's fundraiser, we chose a charity that we are very passionate about: HopeKids. This is an organization that helps children with life-threatening illnesses in a unique way. Instead of visiting them in the hospital, they get them out of the hospital. The families and parents of these children are longing for a way to get their kid's minds off of the pain and all of the treatments, yet are struggling financially due to the extensive care their children need. Enter HopeKids.

     HopeKids organizes events that allow these children and their families to participate in for free. These events can range anywhere from football camps with the pros, a big camping trip, or even just renting out an entire movie theater for themselves. Whatever the event/activity, it is completely free for the families so there is no burden for them. 

     More importantly, HopeKids is allowing families to establish lifelong memories with their kids, and is providing a carefree and enjoyable experience for them. As their website explains: "We have created a program where there is constant anticipation of what is coming next, strengthening a child's ability and willingness to fight." They also connect sick children with other children which allows them to realize that they are not alone. "One of the most insipiring moments is when a child who has just been diagnosed with a particular illness, meets a child who has been healed from that same illness. You can almost see the light go on as they realize that this battle is one they can win."

     Everything HopeKids believes in and focuses on is about hope. This organization works to make these families and their children believe that hope is a powerful medicine. With the money you donate, HopeKids will be able to continue organizing events that are 100% free for the families. Let's impact HopeKids in such a way that they are able to continue changing the lives of these kids and their families in colossal ways. 

HopeMob is the only fee-free fundraising platform online. 100% of all funds received will be forwarded to the story owner whether the total amount needed is collected or not.