How We Can All Help Victims of #Sandy
How We Can All Help Victims of #Sandy

We are currently partnering with the oldest homeless shelter in the United States - the NYC Rescue Mission.  They are in urgent need of a high powered generator, food, water, AA batteries and so much more.  They are housing over 120 people, but have no power.  Because of this, the septic system is not working, it's cold, no food can be preseved or cooked, and it's super dark in the facility.  Let's fix this right away!


We are also working directly with over 20 families -particularly families with special needs children and adults - to help them receive the support, medicine, and transportation they 


As always, HopeMob will remain one of the only charities in the world that will give 100% of your donation to the story we are telling and to this story alone!  As soon as tonight (Tuesday), we will take the step to tell you exactly who your donation is helping and where.


Our team is working around the clock to determine how we can best help people in need and help charities that may need an extra helping hand. Please follow @hope on Twitter for our most recent updates.  You can also sign up to donate a tweet to HopeMob here.


Also, we are encouraging people to support Covenant House - one of the leading charities for homeless youth in Atlantic City, New York City, Philadelphia, and more.


Let's do this!


HopeMob is the only fee-free fundraising platform online. 100% of all funds received will be forwarded to the story owner whether the total amount needed is collected or not.