Let's Help little Daisy Love Merrick Beat Cancer!
Let's Help little Daisy Love Merrick Beat Cancer!

UPDATE: A super generous donor is matching every donation we receive for the next 7 days until we hit $25,000! Let's push!


UPDATE: The family has informed us that after we are able to raise $25,000 their current needs will be met!


UPDATE: We will give 25,000 story points to any church, religious body, charity, business, or person that donates $1,000 or more to this story.


UPDATE: We are giving 1,000 bonus points to every single donor to this story beyond the points you normally get for donating.


UPDATE: Our founder, Shaun King, will do basically anything you want him to do if you want to donate $5,000 or more to this story. Email him @ shaun@hopemob.org or call him on his cell @ 678.641.5016


UPDATE: Let's get 10,000 people to like her Facebook page here!


We love Daisy Merrick.  


After 6 surgeries, 22 rounds of chemotherapy, & 2 rounds of radiation, 8 y/o Daisy Love Merrick is now facing cancer for the 3rd time. We are raising $25,000 to pay for the parts of her treatment not covered by insurance (over $500k is not covered).


Here is her blog.


Here is her full website.


Just 8 years old, she is a one girl mob of hope all to herself.  Her sweet, yet tenacious spirit is contagious.  She has bravely fought cancer and beat it back twice in the past two years, but it has returned.  This 3rd time, we want the entire HopeMob community to have her back. 


Her medical team at the UCLA Med Center is advising that she undergo progressive, advanced treatments this time.  Over $500,000 of her medical care will not be covered by insurance.


Her dad, our friend Britt Merrick, and his loving community of family and friends have already raised over $100,000.  We're setting our goal at adding $100,000 to that and we can only dream that we will surpass the goal somehow.


HopeMob has never tried to raise this much before, but we had never met Daisy either.  


She makes us think we can do this!  Let's do this for Daisy!


Let's roll HopeMob!  As always, every penny we raise here will go exclusively to this story and it alone.


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