Cheryl was Rescued from Sex Trafficking. Let's Help Give Her a Fresh Start
Cheryl was Rescued from Sex Trafficking. Let's Help Give Her a Fresh Start

Cheryl's family moved from the Netherlands to Las Vegas when she was little. Cheryl was raped twice when she was 14 & 16 years old. Fearing retaliation from the rapists, she never reported it. With a wounded heart embittered by the rapes, she told herself that she would one day get back what was stolen from her.

Eventually she met her first boyfriend who groomed & romanced her for the purpose of prostitution. Soon she was working casinos all night on the strip of Las Vegas. Her love for her pimp & her fascination for fast money soon became her sex slave prison. Cheryl was trapped, & couldn't leave for fear of her life & family. After 6 years of intense physical, emotional and sexually abuse by the guise of her pimp, she finally escaped, only later to attempt suicide from severe depression & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Cheryl has been free from sex-trafficking for more than a year. She has pursued her healing & continues to get better every day as she lives with trusted roommates. We believe in & love her!

Here are our goals:

1. Let's prepare Cheryl for the job market by helping her craft an awesome resume and LinkedIn profile.

2. Let's find a skilled, compassionate career counselor to help Cheryl craft a real action plan for her future. It can be via Skype.

3. Let's raise $180 to provide 3 months of pre-paid cell phone service.

4. Let's provide $320 to help her with rent for a month.

5. Let's work like crazy to find as many job leads as we can for Cheryl!

Come on HopeMob! We can do this!!! Let's show the world how we care for a young woman trying to start her life over!

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